Control valves and on/off valves  


While rising costs must be constantly controlled, customer expectations of improved technology, quality and service increase, yet at the same time, regulations and laws become more restrictive and complex. Wherever dependability and flawless performance, even under the most extreme conditions, are an important prerequisite, SAMSON products have established their reputation.

The modular design of SAMSON control valves allows the flexibility of selecting valve components to meet specific applications. This enables the valves to be adapted to the most difficult requirements under the most adverse conditions. The modularity additionally reduces costs of spare parts, installation and maintenance, which leads to significant total cost of ownership savings.

With a wide ranging product line well suited for special applications, corrosive and erosive media, high pressure differentials and extreme operating temperatures are safely controlled. Long lasting, highly efficient sealing techniques allow installation of SAMSON equipment in extreme vacuum applications and prevent environmentally damaging emissions.

Materials, dimensions and flange configurations are chosen according to the most important industrial standards such as ANSI, DIN, JIS. This ensures that SAMSON products can be used anywhere in the world.

SAMSON offers a comprehensive selection of modular control valves for HVAC applications which are supplied with an electric, electrohydraulic or pneumatic actuator. These actuators work with absolute dependability over any control range.