Measurement, control and automation systems  


Many tasks which used to be performed on site are now carried out on the monitor in the control room. Complex operations and processes demand quick reactions. As a result, maximum plant safety and process visualization are essential. In today's fast-paced environment, user-friendly equipment, compact work stations and standardized communication systems are indispensable.

SAMSON's answer to these challenges is: "TROVIS". Using TROVIS equipment, new ideas can be realized in process engineering as well as in the automation of plants and buildings. Simple compact controllers as well as modular systems using standardized communication systems offer solutions to any automation problem in process engineering.

TROVIS equipment and systems by SAMSON are used successfully in a wide range of industries, for example, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, waste management, and other automation and control systems.

For the HVAC industry, the main considerations are economy and energy savings without compromising comfort.

All automation tasks in building management as well as large district heating systems can be solved efficiently and conveniently with the user-friendly TROVIS equipment.

Responsible for the complete automation systems, individual projects and turnkey installations is SAMSOMATIC, a subsidiary of SAMSON.