Control valve accessories  


The integration of control valves into the DCS technology determines the accuracy of the control loop and greatly affects the cost and quality of the final product. This integration is a prerequisite for effective preventative maintenance of control valves and also adds to the availability of the system.

A milestone in the integration of the field equipment and the control room systems is the SAMSON smart positioner (picture on the top right). These devices enable communication and troubleshooting during operation via the HART®, PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocols.

The SAMSON product line also includes limit switches which issue signals when a predetermined value is reached, solenoid valves which automatically override the valve to a pre-determined position (picture on the bottom right), or lockup valves which hold the valve in its last position in case of an energy failure.

Volume amplifiers boost the input signal of positioners. A broad range of service units provides high quality supply air.

SAMSON is a world leader in this important field. SAMSON figured among the first companies to introduce the digital communication positioner to the marketplace. By taking an active role in combining practical applications and university research, SAMSON has remained at the forefront of this technology.