Self-operated regulators and pipeline components  


One of the basic principles of our highly developed civilization is reliable and inexpensive distribution of energy and, at the same time, the responsible and wise use of resources. For decades, self-operated regulators, which do not require auxiliary power to operate, have been used on air, steam and various other heating media in local and industrial energy distribution applications.

SAMSON's self-operated regulators are of modular design. They are easy to assemble and service, reducing costs significantly. In addition, greater safety is achieved, as they continue to work reliably in the event of a power failure.

To fulfill unique applications to the customer's satisfaction, SAMSON has combined an electrically operated control valve and a self-operated regulator in one body to provide the ultimate solution.

New areas of development, such as thermostatic regulators with hydraulic actuation, generate savings by allowing the use of low volume heat exchangers to produce hot water without compromising comfort.

Pressure regulators for millibar ranges reliably control inert gases in reaction and storage tanks containing oxidation-sensitive, toxic or explosive substances, thereby protecting the environment.

SAMSON regards its success as a stepping stone in the quest for even better and more innovative solutions. This is reflected in SAMSON's commitment to manufacture the highest quality product possible.